Welcome to my Page! 

Hello everyone, and welcome to my website here you will find all kinds of creations from me. Years ago, I decided to make my own MUGEN creations. You might be wondering at this point, "What the hell is M.U.G.E.N?" it is a 2D fighting game engine that was released by Elecbyte, in which you can downoad or even create your very own fighting characters, stages, screenpacks or lifebars, and with some knowledge, amazing things can be done. At first, I started out like everyone else, using other people's characters and making a mix of franchises facing off. Then curiosity got the best of me and I started coding my very own characters, realizing the process of screwing up repeatedly until I could get the job done, but I that's what learning is all about,  and error. As for my creations, you can see i've done a little bit of this and that and i don't really consider myself a full-fledged professional at this, since my creations aren't that amazing, though I have received praises for them. To me, this is just a little hobby of mine, although with time one can get really excited about it, not to mention that time has given me the gift of meeting friends with whom I thrive to fulfill a dream: ESFAndy011, Chatman, Juano, and several others who help out such as AceKombat, Steel Komodo, and old friends like Julius, MaxBeta, and others that will always be remembered for their support. And yes, it is a dream that we're working on, a full game called MK vs. SF: for the Universe. So yeah, i'm writing this so that people out there that think these things are something too complex would think otherwise, because they're not. Complexity becomes an empty word once you realize what it's like to create something that is your own,and watch it blossom into a and entertaining element, instead of waiting for someone else to make your desired character, stage or whatever. Do it yourself, and enjoy it.